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Digital Media Kit for The English Language Institute

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Throughout my spring semester, I have been working on a digital media kit in my Principles of Public Relations for a campus organization that I chose. I decided to focus my efforts on Missouri State University's English Language Institute. The ELI's main focus is to teach international students English and prepare them for any career, whether they choose to pursue a degree in or outside the U.S. Dr. Robison, the executive director of The ELI, spoke with me and said their students don't just learn English in the classroom — The ELI tries to immerse students in the culture, so they learn naturally through interacting with others. The ELI is a good gateway for international students to be admitted to MSU — as they are not required to take any English competency tests through MSU if they have completed their certification through The ELI. 

A lot of the information gathering for the digital media kit was similar to how I find sources for my stories at The Standard — lots of emails and phone calls until someone answers. One thing I learned from working on this project is that there has to be a strong connection between the communications department and every other department in order to create effective campaigns. A few people know what your company is successful in — so, find them and get to know them well. 

Because I still have a few years left at Missouri State, I'm a junior and plan on going into graduate school, I have time to develop my skills in public relations. Creating the digital media kit was rewarding for me because I know what news sources look for and I had the opportunity to apply what I have learned in my journalism classes. My favorite piece of the digital media kit was the news release. It may seem dry, but this is an essential tool for all journalists and there's no better way to get the word out about a new event or product. 

Next year, I hope to find volunteer work or an internship in a public relations position. I have already completed all my internship requirements for my bachelor's degree, but real work experience is very marketable in all employment industries, so wish me luck.