Story one

Buckner Manor

Growing up, my mom tried to keep everything equal between my sister Desi and I

I’d get pink, she’d get blue,

I have a pink Precious Moments Bible, she’d have a blue Precious Moments Bible

And still we’d end up screaming and pushing each other, fighting over who gets the bigger half of the sandwich.

I am the baby, the youngest and least capable due to my blindness.

So, mom tends to take my side.

She yells and pushes at my sister who is already bigger than her by 50 pounds even though my sister is only in 5th grade.

They begin to argue like they are sisters themselves.

“She started it. She kicked me!” My sister exclaims.

“You’re her older sister, you’re supposed to look out for her, not pick on her, you bully!” My mom retorts.

The fighting ends with my sister storming off to our shared bedroom and my mom going back to doing dishes in the kitchen.

I wipe tears out of my eyes, then flick on the TV to distract myself.