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My name is Afton Harper and I am a junior majoring in journalism at Missouri State University. I am minoring in communications with an emphasis in public relations. I am going to begin writing blog posts for my introduction to public relations class and will be discussing some public relations topics in the future. I hope you'll continue reading my posts.

I'm hoping to get to know what some of my strengths are as a writer and communicator. I want people to be informed when they view my content. I want people to put their trust in me. 

Work experience

As of right now, I am a staff reporter at my college newspaper, The Standard, and a news intern at KSMU Radio and I love it. I published my first story at KSMU Radio this week. 

My work with The Standard also includes editing stories for print every week. Reading other people's writing and providing feedback is satisfying because my colleagues depend on me to improve their writing. 

I mainly focus my writing on the Board of Governors and Student Government Association at Missouri State, but I want to branch out into business reporting because my end goal is to work for a business. 

I'm also doing freelance work for Frank and Maven, a marketing agency in Springfield. I haven't begun my work yet, but I will be writing monthly newsletters for companies. 

Passions and ambitions

Getting to know people on a personal and professional level enriches my life.

My end goal is to work somewhere that's accessible and rewarding. I want to be challenged, but not to the extent that I'm losing hair and sleep. 

I have no industry preference at this time, but I want to develop some kind of preference during my time in public relations classes so I may be able to better market myself to companies.